Peermaps provides a decentralized, cooperative alternative to commercial map providers like Google Maps. Instead of fetching data from a centralized tile service, fetch map data from your peers using webtorrent.

why p2p?

Peer to peer protocols like bittorrent spread out the work of hosting very large files among all the peers in the network. Centralized services can be overwhelmed if too many people want to download a file, but p2p services flip scaling on its head: the more people downloading and participating, the better the p2p network works for everyone.

With the powerful inverse scaling dynamics of p2p, we can run a mapping platform at a fixed, small cost, no matter how popular it becomes.

As you download map data from your peers, your computer saves that data locally so that you can share it with other people who ask for it. This means that when you go offline, you'll still be able to view maps you've looked at previously.

how will i use peermaps?

When the technology is ready, you'll be able to embed a map in a web page with a `<script>` tag or by using the API directly.

Using the underlying p2p tooling, you'll also be able to perform fast ad-hoc osm extracts directly over the webtorrent network without downloading all of planet osm (30G).

project plan

Here's the current plan for how the pieces fit together: